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Help Advice on buying new Walkman

Hi everyone!

My NWZ-A866 just died and so I'm looking for a replacement. I was very satisfied with it and so I'm considering buying another Walkman.

There is only one thing that I didn't like: The battery life (presumably because the screen goes on every time a button is pressed, even if the touch screen is locked). The battery seemed to last about 4 hours in total but I skip tracks very often.

I had a look at the E series and I don't mind going giving up on the touch screen.Could you recommend me another Sony player with at least 16GB (preferably 32), better battery life and -if possible- a decent lock function (screen stays off and you control volume and skipping with external buttons)?

Or should I abandon Sony?

Thanks in advance!
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I have an NWZ-E465 (with 16GB of storage) and I've been very pleased with it. Although Sony no longer sells it, it's still available on

All of its functions are controlled via tactile buttons. One of the things I like about this player is that there is a small ridge around each of the buttons on the front of the player, making it easy to tell which button you are pressing by touch.

While the screen does turn on when you turn on the lock button, it's only on for a short time (how long depends on your Screen Off Timer setting). I've set mine to 30 seconds (15 seconds is recommended to extend the battery life) and I've not noticed a significant effect on my player's battery life.

However, there are some functions that will cause the player's screen not to turn off even with the Screen Off Timer set. Among them:

- Playing videos or video podcasts
- Having the lyrics screen turned on with the screen set to be always on

The battery life has not been an issue for me since, per the specs, it has 50 hours of battery life for audio and 10 hours of battery life for video. Even with the Battery Care function set (which limits the charge to 90% to extend the battery's lifespan), battery life has not been an issue for me.

I hope this helps.
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You might want to wait for the new E580 series to arrive in the US (I'm assuming you are). That has a rated battery life of 77 hours which is considerably more than the E460 used to give (rated 50 hours).

I have the E470 series with rated 36 hours of battery life, and since I've bought it I haven't had any issues with battery life. I just use EQ on it, all the rest of the enhancements are turned off. The biggest improvement of battery life I have come across is when you turn the brightness down to a lower setting, I use it at 1 only because when I'm indoors I can clearly see everything. As CDMP3PlayerFan mentioned above, I've also set my Screen off Timer at 15 seconds. Battery Care is also on for me as I want my Walkman to last a long time.

Sadly there aren't any info whether the E580 will be available as a 32GB, but the E585 is 16GB. Even if you skip tracks more often I don't it will hurt the battery life much, try the brightness settings and you'll see the differences.

(I actually use a LOD to bypass the internal amp and use a dedicated amp with my Walkman, so I get a huge amount of battery life, almost double I think, it's my amp that runs out of juice before my Walkman does.)
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