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Default My opinion on Sansa Clip vs Clip+ vs Zip

Ok guys I LOVE these devices... So much I have all of them, so I can tell you all the problems. I'll take the first of all of them as reference!

PROs: Great audio, very good FM, great build quality, good battery life, very good display, led buttons
CONs: clip prone to failures, no folder browsing, no AAC support, circled pad

Same as V2, but with marginally worse battery life and performance.

PROs: folder browsing, good clip, microSD slot, squared pad, replay gain, UI animations
CONs: worse build quality (cheap plastic, no rounded edges), worse FM, no led buttons, microSD slot is not flush, removed hold switch (now activated with home button)

PROs: AAC support, RGB display, flush microSD slot, replay gain, clock
CONs: worse build quality (cheap plastic, no rounded edges), worse FM, worse buttons (too soft and small), no led buttons, very bad display (can't be seen on a sunny day, very dim, very low contrast), removed hold switch (now activated with on/off button), marginally worse battery life, no time info on tracks, RDS doesn't work as advertised

I am very disappointed in every topic where it is said the CLIP+/ZIP plastic is of higher quality - they are just reporting an opinion from an unprofessional review. The plastic is cheaper, softer, not glossy and less refined. The design of the unit is bulkier and the squared edges make it seem bigger. ZIP is even worse in this aspect.

I listed the circled pad as a CON because when I am at the gym or on the bike, I have some difficulties on determining (without seeing it, of course) where to press, while the squared design is easier.

I installed Rockbox and is a complete sh.. so I won't buy one of these devices for it... I also admit the stock ZIP firmware is so bad the Rockbox one is an advancement.

I have read Sandisk went out of the audio market and there won't be a new CLIP/ZIP... This is a pity since I was waiting for a finally good CLIP++.

So, what's the best? It depends. No one of them is perfect and you have to lose something.

I love the design of the CLIP but all considered I prefer the CLIP+: I don't use it at night so I can manage the loss of backlit, while I find very useful the added features.
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