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Default intro and request for a patient mentor H340

Hi, - my request is to link up with a mentor who is knowledgeable with H340 and H120, but more importantly - has the patience to put up with and help guide me from A to Z - in getting my H340 and H120 back up and running
I can follow instructions - I can understand the principles of things and can take things apart - often successfully putting them back together - but I just have a blank when it comes to knowledge about computer systems - hardware V software V firmware etc..
My favourite -H340 recently started skipping tracks and only partially playing them - so - not really sure what I did but it kinda goes like
reformat - to clear disk
plug into computer (windows 7) it is recognised only if its open in boot loader ? versus actually switching on in iriver mod.
I put a music file back onto the iriver - drag n drop as normal - it play's the file via my computer when the H340 is plugged in
But - remove the H340 - power it up - go look for the music folder and the only thing is a folder with Japanese lingo - which will not open and the H340 then locks - needing to push the reset button to get it to switch off

now I've ordered a new drive - soon to arrive - but it's all black magic to me - this is where I need a kind and patient mentor to assist me through the process and get this great machine back running

my H120 is another story for later - basically wrong or reverse polarity charger installed = something fried - suspect in need of a few circuit board replacements - or a new circuit board ?
fingers crossed you can help
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