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Default So, does anyone regret buing Clip Zip over Clip+?

Question goes mostly to people who previously owned Clip+ and bought Clip Zip after.

Well I gotta admit that i regret buying Zip, mostly because in general it's step back from Clip+

1. Color screen in such a small device? Why? It consumes battery much, much faster, it's not really good screen either and what's most annoying you can't see shit when you're out on sunny day. Clip+ had perfect readability in every weather and it could play for like 12 hours, even more with rockbox.

2. I don't really like buttons on Clip Zip, they rattle around like crazy and they are too darn small, even for me (i got a rather medium sized hands). The same goes with power button it rattles around and it responsiveness is rather questionable.

3. Only good thing i find in Zip is micro usb port which is helpful for obvious reasons. You can use the same cable for your cellphone and mp3.

So i find Clip Zip to be as big fail as Fuze+, well maybe a less fail but still fail.
I only wish for Clip+ with micro usb, That would be perfect.
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