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Default Closed Headphone under 150€


to my big surprise i was helped really well in the DAP regards, so i thought i'd ask for my next upgrade again.
First i'd like to say thank you for making me purchse the clip zip. I never expected it to be what i needed but it's near perfect.
Now i need some new Headphones to go with it. To get the easy stuff out of the way, here we go:

Budget: 150€ Max. Less is better and i'm only spending this money if it's worth it. If 50€ phones deliver similar performance, i'll prefer these!

Location: Germany

Category: No IEM. No Open Headphones as i use them for my daily commute. Doesn't have to be super portable. I would take full size headphones without a problem.

Primary location of use: Mainly for my daily way to work but also at Home for some "audiophile" listening and enjoying music.

Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: I currently have a Sony XB500. This, for comparison, is too mudy and dark overall. It just isn't "fun" enough. I'd prefer a neutral sound to experience my possibility to listen to flac on the clip zip.
It should be well driven by the clip zip but i don't mind spending money on an amp later to further improve sound.

Media: For fun/daily use: Heavy Rock over Metalcore to grindcore and everything in between!
Apart from that i listen to nearly everything: Pop, Country, Fusion, Classical... So a good alrounder is needed with focus on the Heavier music.

Source: Clip Zip. If needed i'll take an amp with me but only if it's worth it. I'd like to have a headphone that has potential to get better with better sources.

Currently i have a look at the AKG K550. I'd be able to get this for 147€ which seems to be a good deal. On the other hand this seems to be much money which isn't easily spend. I'd like to hear your opinions and recommendations.

Thanks for your help
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