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Default HTC Says Beat It?

I know ABi members dislike Beats. Apparently HTC agrees with your opinion.
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No, apparently it's Beats that is saying goodbye to HTC. Here is the link, and it corresponds with other reports that I've read:
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Beats headphones suck, but the software is pretty good.
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I saw tech articles year ago about how including "premium" beats headphones with their smartphones was really doing nothing to sell phones like the HTC One S (older phone and man HTC naming scheme is confusing). I'm all for companies including premium headphones with their smartphones - you're paying $400 plus for the darn thing - just not gimmicky junk that say they're reproducing music when really they're just farting in your ears.

On a side note, LG claims to be including headphones with the new LG G2 that have sound quality comparable to $200 headphones. It be interesting to see in reviews if those stock headphones are any good.
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So what does "Beats" do when it comes on these phones? Is it just an EQ change that boosts bass?

They also put this stuff in car audio now. Chryslers have it and I think Fiat has it too. I didn't care for it much. Doesn't hold a candle to the setup I had in my Honda; doesn't sound as good as my factory VW's audio system either.

If they're going to include 'premium' headphones with a smart phone, then they should actually be a good headphone like Audio Technica, Sony, Pioneer, Sennheiser, etc; not Beats.
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From what I've read Beats audio software either an equalizer or another proprietary DSP in the vein of the BBE JetEfects on Cowons. The only Time I've had a chance to listen was on a laptop for maybe 3 minutes using a set of beats studio. In that short amount of time with unfamiliar headphones and settings I didn't try to it wouldn't be right to give anything but the most general impression.

It would be fair to say the setup sounded better than I expected but didn't blow me away. I had anticipated a massive bass fart and didn't get that. I'd be interested in exploring it more but I can't see myself spending much time or money to do that. I've found that too much processing tends to take away from the music instead of adding to it.

My experience is that a good set of headphones properly eq'ed gets me to where I need to be. I've tried enough equalizers and dsp effects to believe they are more similar than different. Beats may bring something new but unless I get my hands on that laptop with my headphones for a longer listening session I'll reserve judgement.
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