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Default Rockbox vs Lightbox, is any difference?

I recently got new Samsung R0 player. Decided to rockbox it. I installed 2.51 alternative firmware first, and then followed instructions on this page. Mainly it works, but sometimes I have weird problem uploading files to the player through USB in MSC mode. Later, I discovered another rockbox port here
and wondering what is the difference between them and which one is preferable?

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There is only ONE Rockbox port.

But there are 2 different firmwares:
-Modfirm 2.51 with dualboot: you can boot both the original Samsung app and Rockbox
-LightROM 4.6. Samsung modules have been removed so there is no dualboot. You can only boot Rockbox. Therefore it boots a bit faster.

PS: Lightbox doesn't exist here.
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thanks for the clarification and correction, I was not careful.
Initially I thought that LightROM contains Rockbox build and needs 2.51. After your explanation I realized that LightROM is alternative ROM only for booting into Rockbox. I just upgraded the ROM (I already have rockbox installed on my Samsung player) and enjoy fast booting into Rockbox without any intervention! Great.

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