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Default What is wrong with my XBA3?

So today i tested out my new XBA3's at work. about 2.5hrs into the day and i noticed the left channel was sounding less than good. It didn't suddenly switch from being normal sounding to less, it kinda gradually got worse over a minute or so.
At first i thought my insertion had gone faulty, so i pulled out and reinserted, nope... still no good. A little more later and i swear I almost lost all sound out of the left speaker, I had to pull the right channel out my ear just to see if there was still sound coming from the left (and there was but barely). I ensured the balance of the player was not a culprit, and i swopped the speakers (left to right, right to left) to make sure it wasn't my actual ear being weird, but the fault was replicated in my right ear with the left speaker, so it was definitely the left speaker that had issues..

I tried the usual suspect places such as the insertion of jack to player, and fiddled with wires at connection points to see if there was a loose connection, there wasn't.

This wasn't a fail like other IEMs whereby there is a short, touch the wires gently and you get sound back, let go and it cuts out etc, this wasn't like that.

The best way I can describe it was like some components inside started to deteriorate and perform quieter and quieter, like woofer switching off etc.

I immediately put my Soundmagic E10's in and everything was fine so I concluded that the XBA3's were faulty and that something had 'gone' internally in the left speaker.

This evening (several hours later) I tried them again (expecting the same result), to my surprise all channels sounded the same again.

My dad reckons a possible explanation is that if i was listening too loud for too long (and that is a strong possibility as we all know I like my music fairly loud) then the overload cut in...

Never experienced this with any other IEM before, but then again the XBA3's are a different technology to other IEMs i've owned.

So, what's going on?

Also, I was wearing the left speaker 'upside down' by wrapping the wire behind my ear and then down, would that have anything to do with it? I mention this only as i was wearing the right channel normally in my ear (not wrapped behind the ear).

Also also, why is the left cable very short and the right cable very long (where they fork in two), what purpose does this serve? (i find it annoying).


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