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Default Headphones for Sony S755 (EU limited)

Hi, I have been looking for some headphones for my sony S755, it is the volume limited version, the reason is I am after headphones is for 7 hour flights the IEMs for that long get slightly annoying.

I am slightly concerned whether the volume limit is to severe for headphones, 2 of the sets I have looked into are the sony MDR-ZX600 & 700, any others in that price range upto 75 region or experiences with any with a limited devices.

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Many IEMs will give you better isolation than those headphones. I find closed headphones, especially those with decent isolation are more uncomfortable than IEMs as the headphones make my ears overheat. The ZX600 is 40 ohms 104 db/mw, so it should probably play loud enough. The ZX700 is 24 ohms 106 db/mw though, so it should play much louder than the ZX600 with the same voltage. The ZX700 also has a larger driver 50mm vs 40mm.

From one review
"The flexibility of the cups means that getting a good fit on your head is easy. They offer a degree of noise isolation thanks to that fit, although it was apparent that once the volume is turned up there is an amount of sound leakage too, so consider those around you when sitting on the bus."

A different review.

"Also, the ZX700 do a remarkable job of providing passive noise isolation. Those looking for a quality set of headphones that will successfully drown out outside noise without having to snack on batteries might want to consider these cans."

I guess of the two, the ZX700 is the one to get. I would prefer to use an IEM that isolates well like the Etymotic MC5 or HF5.
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Thanks for the input, I am not ditching the IEMs I do quite like them, just on the longer flights I am getting annoyed with them, and I remember from quite a few years ago I was very happy with my full headphones and could leave them on me napper for a very long time, but looking about and walking into shops (obviously the wrong ones) they were pushing the beats (too be honest wasn't overly enamoured) but there wasn't alot else so started trawling about, and in the price range I was looking there were these along with denon and sennheiser (mostly ruled out for cost or the inline volume controls). But anything else, still an option.

I generally don't have music blaring, just a bit wary of the effect of trying to power/drive full headphones from a unit that is restricted to start with.

I had a look at the Etymotics may look at a set of those when the current IEMs fail, as the IEMs will be used most often.
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