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Default clipzip and android tablet help!

I bought the sansa clipzip with the hopes that I could transfer mp3s from my nexus 10 android tablet to a microsd card and play this card on the clipzip. I tested this process with one album and it worked. I then proceeded to transfer all my music from my Mac to the microsd card and sell my mac. I then tried to add more music to the card from my nexus again and it said the card was full, which it was. I ejected it from the tablet (I use an otg cable, stickmount, card reader and 32gb SanDisk ultra microsd card) and when I tried to play it in my clipzip, it now skips through every song in whatever album I am trying to play.

In an attempt to solve the problem, I updated the clipzip's firmware using my friend's Mac (since there is no android option). This fixed the problem!... For a few hours; as soon as I turned off the device and back on, it was back to skipping immediately through every song.

I wrote to the sandisk people and they said I would have to reformat the microsd card to get it working and advised me to not use the same card with my clipzip and nexus tablet. They said the problem was probably that the tablet put some sort of hidden system files on the microsd card that are messing with the clipzip. If this is the case, shouldn't I just be able to somehow view these hidden files and remove them?

This seems like a very fixable software issue and I wonder why SanDisk wasn't more interested in resolving this apparent incompatibility with android. What is weird is that it worked fine with my initial one-album test run.

Additional info: the microsd card continues to work fine when attached to the tablet.
In case it makes any difference, I have never added anything to the clipzip's own internal storage of 8gb.
The clipzip continues to work fine with an identical SanDisk 32gb microsd card that I also filled up with music from my old Mac but never attached to my tablet

If anyone has any ideas or fixes or helpful thoughts they would be much appreciated
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