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Default Sansa clip replacement battery; where to get?

One urban fox nicked 2 of my 8 Gg sansa clip from my pc desk & took to play in the back garden, one of them is soaking wet from rain as I only found it few months later; it is still working but battery doesn't charge

I want to try replacing new battery instead of throwing it away; I have 6 sansa clip & clip+; just love them, so I want to learn replacing batteries for them.

Any one has a link of where to get the battery? I am in UK

many thanks

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What makes you so sure it's the battery. If it plays, try letting it sit in a bowl of dry rice for a while to thoroughly dry it out.
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when I connect the player to the pc, because it is using the pc power; the player responds & I can go to songs; but it won't charge; once disconnected from pc, it has no power

I have already left it to try for many days, I open it, it is dried; just the battery won't take charge
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This thread may help:
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The battery isn't generally sold separately. And given the often low price of the Clip, often just easier to buy a new player . . . . But if you're set on replacing the battery, you might just want to buy a new low-cost Clip, such as a refurb, and then swap the batteries. Such as, for only $20 (but this may be U.S. only):


Well speak of the devil, I just came across a Clip+ replacement battery at Radio Shack in the U.S. Unfortunately, $18 plus shipping (the price of a refurb Clip!)--but you might be able to use the item info. to track the part down in your area/at a lower cost. (In fact, I just found Radio Shack selling the part at the same price on eBay with free ship; but only shipped within the U.S.

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Default WOW

RS must have sold a ton of these to offer replacement batteries. I wanted to buy 1 from them on xmas but was at walmart. Let me know when they are $2-$5 I'll buy serveral.
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sansa clip battery

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