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Default Maybe you can add feature to convert to BMP

For all the folks that using ROCKBOX (need "cover.bmp").
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Default Passing the buck ;-)

These questions were asked a little while ago, but in case you still see this...

Originally Posted by t.o.t.s. View Post
All of my album art files are different names and not like the ones listed on your program (albumart.jpeg, etc etc). Is there anyway to wild card all jpegs present in the subfolders of my music directory?
Sorry, it only knows how to look for one name.

What you could do is use a renaming program to batch rename all those files in the subfolders to the same name like Folder.jpg. There are a lot of good freeware renaming programs. The one I like is Bulk Rename Utility

With that you can select the parent folder ("My Music" or whatever) containing your artist\album subfolders. In the "Selections (12)" section at the bottom of the window, enter *.jpg in the Filter box, and check "Files" and "Subfolders" to the right of it. In the "File (2)" field choose "Fixed" from the dropdown and type Folder in the input box (not "Folder.jpg"). Leave all the other fields alone, select all the files in the list and verify that the "New Name" looks right, and click the Rename button.

This assumes each album folder has only one .jpg file in it. If any folder has more than one, it will fail to name the second one since the name is already used. Just tell it to continue processing, and go back afterwards to manually rename whichever one you want to be the album art.

After that, Shaken Not Stirred will have the normal situation it knows how to deal with.

Originally Posted by roietrip View Post
Maybe you can add feature to convert to BMP For all the folks that using ROCKBOX (need "cover.bmp").
Graphics conversion is outside my competence. I don't know anything about Rockbox either, but if you just need to get a "Cover.bmp" into the album folders on your Sansa, there are other programs to handle the graphics conversion. A freeware program I know that will work is XnView, which can do a batch conversion through a bunch of subfolders creating a .bmp copy of each .jpg file in the same subfolder.

From the XnView menu, "Tools > Batch Convert". In the dialog, click "Add Folder" and select the parent folder of all the artist\album subfolder. In the "Output" section make sure the Directory field is empty, so each BMP file is written to the same subfolder as the original jpeg. For format choose BMP and click the Go button.

My copy of XnView is really old, so it might be a little different in the current version, but should be the same general idea.

After you've created the .bmp copies, then in Shaken Not Stirred use the "Other" fields for the source and destination names. For the source, "Folder.bmp" or whatever they're named on your computer, and "cover.bmp" as the destination
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Great tool! I just used it yesterday for the first time. It didn't seem to difficult to figure out. Thanks!
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Glad it helped, Zomby Woof. I like the nick you chose. I'm not as much of a Zappa addict as I once was, but still have over a dozen of his songs on my player. I'll guess you have more than that on yours - or maybe not, but you just liked some of the names he comes up with. Either way, the guy was a genius.
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Default Late to the party

Hey - I just discovered this, but it works great! I'm on my second Sansa and for the life of me couldn't figure out why this one didn't show the album art. I figured WMP 11 was to blame! Thanks!!
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I was having the same problem my album art doesn't show up.. but this program is such a bless haha works perfectly and I LOVE IT!
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