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Default Program to batch copy album art to Sansa

I've attached (at the bottom of this message) a program to batch copy album art files to your Sansa (or other players that can connect in MSC/UMS mode).

This is mainly for people who have album art as "Folder.jpg" or "Album Art.jpg" in each album folder, and use Windows Media Player 11 to load music on their player. The Sansa fails to copy the album art files to the player, so this program avoids the need to individually drag & drop the files into the Sansa's album folders. (If you embed the album art in each .mp3 file, this program is irrelevant for you.)

Unzip the attached file into an empty folder (e.g. create a Shaker folder in C:\Program Files).

Connect your Sansa in MSC mode (from the Sansa menu, Settings > USB Mode > MSC) and run the Shaker.exe file you unzipped.

In the main window switch to the "Copy Album Art" tab. If the default doesn't show the correct folders on your PC or Sansa, click the Browse button to select the folder that contains Artist name subfolders.

If you've saved the album art to album folders on your PC with some name other than "Folder.jpg", select that option in the "Album art on computer ..." section. The destination default name "Folder.jpg" is fine for your Sansa, but if you already have some on your Sansa with its other allowed name, "Album Art.jpg" (with a space), you should choose that to stay consistent.

Then click the "Find matching album art ..." button at the bottom of the window. It may take several seconds to scan all the subfolders, and then it will show a window with the matching subfolders:

For the album folders on your Sansa that don't already have "Folder.jpg" (or what you specified in the previous window), it shows the matching folders on your PC with green to yellow indicators depending on how exact the match between folder names is. Sansa folders that already have album art are marked red, and presumably don't need files copied to them.

The matches marked yellow are pretty loose matches, so be sure to verify them before selecting for copy. After you've checked the ones you want to copy, click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog. It will take a while to copy the files to the Sansa; there will be a progress bar showing how much and a Cancel option.

In case anyone's wondering, the other tab for playlist shuffle is what I originally wrote this program for. Then when I got my Sansa and saw it couldn't copy my album art syncing with Windows Media Player, I decided to add that capability.

Note: This is still in progress, so while the album art batch copy appears to be working fine, most of the options/help menus don't do anything. The program assumes the music on your PC is organized in Artist\Album subfolders like the WMP sync creates on the Sansa drive, but it also handles some variations, e.g. for some unfamiliar collections I reverse it Album folder first and the individual artist folders second on my PC.

System requirements:
I think any Windows XP computer should be fine with it. It does NOT need the .Net framework.

I haven't tried it with Windows 2000, but I think that will also work. The program requires gdiplus.dll, which is already on all XP, but is not on Windows 2000 unless you have some other product installed that uses it (e.g. MS Office). Just start Shaker.exe, and if it complains about not finding gdiplus.dll, download it from Microsoft and put it in the same folder as Shaker.exe.

I don't think Windows 98/ME will work.

Uninstall: Just delete the program folder containing Shaker.exe. The program stores all configuration info in its own folder, and does not write any entries in the Windows Registry.

Edit (1/22/07):
I finished the program and updated the attachment below with the final version. The basic functionality is the same as the previous beta attachment. Main changes are the default music folder is more likely to be correct so you don't have to navigate to it, help file and options dialogs added, and some interface rough edges cleaned up.

Edit (4/26/07):
The attachment below now has version 1.1 with two changes. Added option in Album Art Copy to hide rows that usually aren't selected for copying to the player (2nd image above). Bug fix for the Playlist Shuffle, occasional crashes shuffling lists with few or no songs included only once.
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