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Default Jumping to menu and back


I have a Fuze 4Gb, my third, and it's doing something weird I have not seen with the previous two.

For no apparent reason, though probably related to the headphone jack, the display keeps switching between the music play display and the menu. I can make it happen by either touching the headphone jack plug or by pressing the case where the end of the jack plug would be, even with the phones unplugged.

My guess is that something's loose. I am a bit pissed off that it's doing this as it's brand new (out of the box, it was actually a spare I bought about 6 months ago so I would never need to go without).

Anyway, I know I could get a replacement if I ask nicely, and I also know that opening it would void the warranty, but does anyone know of a non-intrusive fix? Or even, if I did try surgery, what I would have to do? I have read the breakdown article, and don't really want to risk it, but this is getting a little irritating.

It's not going to put me off, of course. I love my Sansa's, and I only killed the two previous ones by accident. (One fell down a lift shaft, the other got the headphone cable caught in the chain of my bike and was hoiked into traffic.)
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