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Default want to fine tune sound settings with eq

Hi, I'd like to get some insight on the following:

I've made an hearing tone contour test (using JVC HA-RX700):

and got this result:

how can this graph help me fine tune my settings?
should I config my eq to reflect those values?
what can you tell me about my freq range? is it normal, odd or what?

this is my normal setup:
volume: -12dB
bass: 24dB
treble: 7dB
stereo width: 70%
crossfeed: simple(meier)
eq: on
eq preset: jazz

you may find it strange but to my ears (big ear canals, my index finger fits in lol), I've found that the bass doesn't distort even though is set to the max value and they do not sound dark at all, the mids and sparkle are there with the added punch. can't say the same for my broken v-moda bass freq though...
the only preset that I like is the jazz, I don't know the values of it, maybe you can enlighten me...

the sound sig I like is:
more deep bass than mid bass with forward mids and bit recessed treble (where does it fit? balanced with extra bass?)

my iems, are xears td100 v1 and I'm using sennheiser single flange tips, size L, they give me a secure fit, excelent isolation, little more extension on the bass than hybrids and more open mids due to the larger diameter hole.

so, based on this info, I'm looking for opinions on how to improve the sound, since I've read a topic where dfkt says:
Most important tip is, don't just boost EQ bands to the maximum - use the opposite bands and lower them.
any help appreciated!
clip+ (RB) <> JVC HA-M750 <> Vsonic VSD2S
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