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Default Denon ah-c300 holy freaking heck

The review in full is posted on my site (link in the description but here is the conclusion) after writing the review i put my Zo into the mix and this is the craziest thing you will ever hear out of any iem set up ever, thunderous.

Conclusion (taken from

The Denons are perhaps the most surprising phone I have heard to date, upon receiving them I expected nothing more that a take on Dre Beats. A company just trying to cash in if you will. Along with that they were trying to catch the dual dynamic market which is hot right now. What I got was something completely different.

It is capable of standing alone as your only iem as they compete the very high end, in fact I would go as far as to say that they are the most perfect IEM I have heard for Electronic, EBM, Hip-Hop and modern pop. If these are the genres you listen to exclusively or if you listen to a lot of live music then these are the phones for you...... If you can live with the fit (small ears had better look elsewhere). Additionally jazz and similar listeners should move along to balanced armatures but therein lies my original point.

If you listen to a wide variety and have the funds these should be in your lineup there are times where i am listening to an artist or genre and feel I am not getting the enjoyment I should be with a balanced phone and this is why I, as previously stated, am a 2 phone listener and implore everyone to start doing so.

Myself, I am keeping the Denon and that really is saying something as I had no intention to at the start. The AH-C300 will go nicely to compliment my customs or Ety ER4S whilst offering bigger sound and bass while still retaining a very high quality polished experience. Overall the Denons get a massive thumbs up and a go buy now recommendation.

For what this phone has done I am actually going to put it up there.... right up there, I am going as far as to say this is in my top 3 all time IEM's at any price point, the others being the ER4S and UM miracles. It is just so unique, different and fun sounding, unlike anything else.
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I have finished the review yes it was Excellent.What was your rating on the Denon c300 before the Zo amp and after on a scale of 1-10 ?
Also wanted to ask youi what type of layout is your web page cant get it to come up on my cellphone (which is anddroid) but on the PC it looks great

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How do they compare to the Hippo VB?
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I made an account here just to post this, people have been saying that isolation and fit are a problem. I don't have big ears, possibly even small ears, and these fit great and sound isolation is great. you get such a variety of tips it must be impossible for them not to fit. Anyway, just like to say that the badboys are pretty awesome, bass response is insane it hurts.
have a good day
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