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Default Best for audiobooks

Hi guys

Which SanDisk should I buy for audiobooks? I will proberyl install Rockbox on it but im not sure what the difference is between Fuze/Clip etc.?

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There's enough differences that it's simpler for you to say what you're looking for instead of someone trying to describe them all. You'll also want to say if you're looking for a Fuze or Fuze+.
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One advantage of the Clip Sport with audiobooks, I am told, is the pitch control. Having said that, though, I don't know that it makes up for some issues with the Sport.
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I use a Rockboxed Clip+ for audio books which is ideal. With Rockbox set to start on the "Now Playing" screen it starts up almost before I've got my finger off the button and I can put it straight in my pocket with no other button pressing necessary.
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I have Clip Zip and use it mainly for Audio books. When I turn it on, it opens automatically exactly on the place where I stopped it. (Without Rockbox).
I also have Cowon D20 and prefer using the Clip Zip, although the AD20 claims about 90 h battery life, there is not much difference with Battery life of the Clip Zip...
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I've got a Rockboxed Clip+, a couple of Clip+s without Rockbox and a Clip Zip. Most of my listening is to audiobooks - including falling asleep to them most nights - and I find that the Clip+ suits me best.

I always arrange each book in multiple folders - a folder being one side of a ripped CD or one of the long (hour-ish) tracks from my local library's Overdrive service. This ensures that, if I fall asleep, the player switches off without going on to the next side - this works for all my three variants, and saves the need to set a sleep timer.

I always use folder view to browse the Clip+. If I actively stop the device and switch it off, it resumes at the exact point I was up to. If I fall asleep and switch it on later, I find that it's very helpfully paused ready to resume on the last track of the folder - I can just skip back to find where I fell asleep. (Obviously a bit harder if it's a single hour long track that I haven't bothered splitting!)

The Rockboxed one is great for use in the daytime (though I've broken the clip on it so it's a bit harder to carry around!) but I find it can be a bit frustrating if I fall asleep, as it later tells me there's nothing to resume. I do try to remember to create a bookmark for each new folder - and it does resume/create a bookmark when I deliberately switch it off - but sometimes I end up having to try and work out which side I was up to. (Of course there may be a setting to ask it to resume in the same folder - if so I've not managed to find it!)

I quite like my new cheerful orange Clip Zip for music but find it frustrating for books, as the folder view only seems to work for folders placed in the Music section, which in turn means that the track times don't display. Not a big problem when there are 20 or so three minute tracks in a folder, but difficult for a long track. Also, some folders are ending up with extra long names with random numbers and letters. Overall, I just don't trust the navigation as much as the Clip+.

I've a feeling that the Sport won't suit me either but I'll probably get one at some stage just to try it!
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I say get a Clip + or Clip Zip.You can find new ones on ebay or Amazon. A user tip I always re-tag my audiobooks with the genre as audiobook & the player auto bookmarks when I turn it off.
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