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Default C&C BH - New!!!

New, used just for testing purposes. Its absolutely amazing but I've just purchased an iBasso D12 Dual DAC and need the cash to help funding the purchase.

Invoice, full warranty, etc.

I've paid 175 for it with customs taxes (from China), so I'm selling it for 99 for EU buyers. You save 75 on a brand new product. There's absolutely no way you can escape to customs taxes within Europe, even if they declare it for a lower value (mine was declared for $35).

Battery lasts 80 HOURS from a single charge. Sound quality outperforms the FiiO E11 by quite a huge margin and beats the JDSLabs C421 by quite a large margin (for almost half the price).

I will offer a silver cable with the amp. This combo is absolutely out of this world for the price.

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Pics generally help sell your items.

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I can post a pic or two, but looking for a stock pic or my owns would be exactly the same thing as the amp has just a week. It's new :-)

Have a look at head-fi for impressions on this little beast. They're many now, people are amazed with it.

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If I could ask, why were you banned on Head-Fi? I believe I've read something about incomplete trades as the issue.


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