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Default NWZ-S544 Create Playlist From Existing Tracks

Hi All

I got my NWZ-S544 a few years back and pound for pound in that time it's been probably the most useful gadget I ever bought. But up till now all I've done is load either whole albums or individual tracks via Windows Media Player and play them mostly on shuffle and sometimes specific albums.

I've got some German lessons on there as well and when I use shuffle of course I occasionally get a lesson or two among the tunes. Das ist sehr gut fur mich, when I am listening alone but not so good on a car trip with others, with it playing on the stereo.

So I have finally got around to trying to create a playlist. I want to have one exactly as it is now. One with just the music and one with just the German. But the instructions tell me that I have to create a playlist using "Windows Media Player" and I don't see how I use that to manipulate the tracks already on the Walkman. It would seem I would have to copy them over a second time in the set playlists.. that can't be right.

I found another thread here asking about playlists (albeit a different model) and the advice there was to right click on the tracks (presumably from within "my computer") and add to playlist from the menu. So I tried that but only got an option to "add to sync" which again doesn't seem to be what I want.

Any advice fellas?

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Welcome to ABi

WMP has no ability to use files that are on the player to create new playlists. If you're going to use WMP you need to use it by creating playlists from the files on your PC and having WMP transfer the files and create the playlists from the beginning. If WMP has transferred files and kept track of them during subsequent syncs it won't add duplicates when you transfer future WMP created playlists containing those files. If it hasn't you probably will have duplicates transferred. In any case it can't deal with the files that are on the player.

The software that I know that can create playlists from files on the player are Winamp and Musicbee. Once they've scanned the contents of a Sony player in MTP they can use that to create playlists.

I'm not sure what's going on with the "add to sync" menu option you mention. It doesn't make sense that the player would need to sync files that are on it already. I can't recall ever seeing that when I've right clicked the contents of a Sony when viewing it in Windows Explorer.

When I do that with music files what I get is a context menu that includes "Create Playlist". When I chose that option and name the resulting playlist the contents are added to a playlist that works when I view it once the player is disconnected.

If that's not the same on your Windows PC you'll want to post exactly what it is that you're doing. That way some one might spot what's different and be able to help.
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Hi Skip, thanks for replying.

Shame they have to make it so complicated. Ultimately far to complicated for a lazy Badger like me to pursue it in the face of such messing about just for the sake of avoiding a minor inconvenience.

Why the device can't manage it's own content without having to go to a third party is beyond me. Obviously you have to use a PC to put music on there in the first place. but once in place you'd think that the Walkman could tackle things like creating specific groups within the tracks you've put on it.

That said.. I can't really hold a grudge against my Walkman. It's been such a great little thing and I've had many many hours of enjoyment from it.

I suppose I could just take the German off and then put it back on again as a separate playlist and just listen to it on it's own. But I like having the odd lesson thrown at me when I am listening to music on shuffle, as it is keeping things I've learned fresh in my mind and giving me sneak peeks at the stuff I've not covered yet. It's only recently become an issue as there's been a few times when I've been exposing other people to it. but normally it's only me hearing it.

Nah.. I'll leave it alone.

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