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Old 03-19-2013, 12:41 PM
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Default Shout Out to Zefhar, BruceBanner and motti.morell !

I finally purchased my first Cowon player based - in part- based upon the reviews and feedback of Zefhar and BruceBanner - Thanks Bruce for answering my questions directly. There has been a lot already said about this player - its strengths and its weaknesses. I know for me, one of the sticking points that kept me from buying it was concerns about the resistive touchscreen, which turns out to be fine. It really is a whole lot more sensitive than I ever expected.

The UI ... well, a lot of cyber ink has been devoted to that, and I contend that it feels incomplete, very similar to the unbranded Chinese players I used to buy back in the day. Nevertheless, one can adapt to it.. or install one of the custom UIs previously mentioned in other threads. I have tried one, but it did not necessarily improve things for me. Therefore, I am adapting.

the C2 sounds excellent out of the box, and I thought I would never use any of the sound enhancements, but decided to give it a try, and am very pleasantly surprised that a few of them -Jazz, BBE ViVa2 and BBE Headphone 3 in particular - sound very good - and quite natural to me. Never thought I would consider using BBE.

I am very impressed with the sound of the C2, and the only thing that makes me put it down and pick up my Sansa or Sony is the fact that my case has not arrived yet (do not want to scratch it) - and frustration with the UI. I have never been one to bother with playlists or to put my players on random play, but this may change with this player. I look forward to buying other Cowon players with more intuitive UIs in the future; I think this will be my primary brand going forward!

The price of this on Amazon has gone back up to $140 + for 16gb, but just last month, it was $111. So, if you are in the market, just keep checking the prices. Amazon Warehouse Deals has the C2 for even less $.

Finally, thanks to motti.morell for the instructions re: a bricked C2. Before I knew any better, I connected my week-old C2 to my MacBook just to have it charge; bricked. A Google search lead me to m.m's post, and thank goodness mine was easily restored. That post should be a sticky!
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