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Default Sony F800 vs Samsung player vs iPod touch

So...I'm looking to replace my sadly dying sony A818. I've been happy with it for the four years I've had it, but obviously technology has come on a bit since then. I don't have or want a smartphone but I'd like to have access to iPlayer etc at work over wifi, and games etc would be great.

So I've been looking at the pmp section. Obviously having been happy with a sony I looked at their offerings, but it looks like the F800 only goes up to 16Gb (at least here in the UK) and isn't expandable.

Which lead me to the Samsung player, which is expandable, and not too expensive, but I've read not so good things about the sound quality on there. I don't know anyone who owns one, so I can't check. The reviews I've read of this seem lukewarm at best, but maybe they're written by people with smartphones who don't see the point, it's hard to tell.

I was also looking at the iPod touch. I remember in olden times the iPod (the one with the click wheel) always sounded a bit 'tinny' to my ears, but things have maybe moved on since then?

I've only ever owned sony players (I previously had a much loved NWHD5) - how different is the sound actually likely to be between these players, or should I just choose based on price and features I want?

Thanks for any opinions
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