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Default Clip+ Incorrect "Folder" Sorting & Play Order

I have a stock 4GB Clip+ (Version V01.02.15A) that isn't behaving as I think it should. I have 13 albums on this Clip+ plus two folders for various "Singles", for a total of 15 folders. The 13 full albums all play properly. The two folders of Singles are where my problems are at.

One of the Singles folders is called "Singles" which contains 26 files. The second folder is called "Singles - Piano Covers" which contains 5 files. I have manually edited all of the ID3 tags with MP3Tag and the tags show up properly on my PC and on the Clip+ when being played. These are my two problems:

Problem 1) If I view the contents of my Clip+ in "Folder" mode, only 14 directories show up: The 13 full albums and a folder called "Singles". The folder called "Singles - Piano Covers" doesn't show up. Inside the folder called "Singles", there are 31 files (the 26 files from "Singles" and the 5 files from "Singles - Piano Covers").

- Question 1: Why doesn't the folder "Singles - Piano Covers" show up in Folder mode?
- Question 2: Why do the 5 files from the folder "Singles - Piano Covers" show up in the "Singles" folder.

Before I go onto my second problem, this is how I tag my "Single" MP3's:

For the "Singles"
- ID3 Title: Artist - Song Title
- ID3 Artist: "Various Artists"
- ID3 Album: "Singles"
- ID3 Track Number: Blank

For the "Singles - Piano Covers"
- ID3 Title: Artist - Song Title
- ID3 Artist: "Various Artists"
- ID3 Album: "Singles - Piano Covers"
- ID3 Track Number: Blank

Problem 2) If I try to play my singles by selecting the artist "Various Artists", I can choose from the albums "Singles" and "Singles - Piano Covers" (which is correct). If I choose the album "Singles", the 26 files show up (which is correct). When I actually play the files, they are played in the exact same order every time (good), but they are not being played alphabetically or in any order that makes sense to me (bad). The "Shuffle" option is turned off. Normally I would expect the tracks to be played based on the ID3 Track Number tag, but since this is a folder of singles, none of the files have ID3 Track Number tags. I would then expect that the files would be played in order of the ID3 Title, or at least in order by filename. But they are not.

- Question 3: If a group of MP3's in the same folder have the same ID3 Artist, the same ID3 Album, and the ID3 Track Number's are blank, what does the Clip+ use to determine the order that files are played back?


And just an FYI, my Sony Walkman has the identical Singles and Piano Covers on it and it sorts and plays them correctly by folder or ID3. My problem is just on the Clip+.

Sorry for the novella. Thanks, Matt.
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