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Default Moving Apps to USB Storage Error

Hello Everyone!

I have been reading these forums for the past couple of months for an ipod touch alternative. I saw the samsung galaxy player 5 in stores and looked up reviews, and then some posts at this site. I decided to buy one recently. I have been very satisfied with the device so far.

However, I have encountered one issue which has been puzzling to resolve. I would like to move some apps from internal memory to the 'usb storage', which I take both are separate partitions of the flash memory on the device, correct? In any case, when I click 'move to USB storage' I receive the error below:

"Failed to move application: Not enough memory"

Not sure why this is happening. I have not filled either partition (639M out of 2G internal, 153M out of 5G USB storage). I tried finding out more information around the web and some places recommended to use a app2sd program. I one of those apps, and same error results. Other places state that this was a former feature in froyo, but is not manageable to be done on newer android OSes. Is that true? I could not confirm if this affects Gingerbread builds.

Oddly, a friend of mine has a gingerbread device (manufacture is sony) and he is able to move his apps to the internal sd space, which sounds like the same as 'usb storage', unless I am wrong.

I do not have an external memory card within my device at this time. Has anyone come across this issue with their galaxy player? Is there a solution? If this was posted previously, I apologize for the repost. Thank you for any help in advance.
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