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Default Remember multiple wifi credentials?

I did a search for a solution and my problem is less severe than the "device drops wifi after a minute" problem described by others.

This is more of an annoyance than a "problem", but my SGP 4.2 only seems to remember one set of wifi credentials at a time. Is there a way to fix this?

I configure it for my home wifi, leave for a run, to walk the dog or ride my bike, etc. and then come back home and it reconnects to my home wifi without issue.

I drive to work, pull it out to stream some pandora over the wifi and I need to enter my credentials for the work wi-fi. I take it with me over lunch or on an errand and come back to work and it reconnects to the work wifi without issue.

When I go back home, I need to enter my home network wifi credentials again.

When I return to work, I need to enter those credentials.

Is there a workaround to make this work like my slightly-less-portable Google Nexus 7? I walk into the grocery store,friends houses, work, home, etc. and the Nexus uses those stored credentials to auto-magically make the connection.
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are both networks the same name? I see this all the time when laptops that are connected to a linksys router (where no one bothered to change the network SSID) when one network is password protected and the other network is not, it tries to use the password for the secured one on the unsecured one because it only sees the access points SSID (which are the same since no one changed them) and goes by that for connections, also seen odd reactions when 2 networks of the same name are in range of the device, actually had to log in to the router of the rental property across the street (that I get my signal from, SHHHH) and slightly alter it's name to avoid conflicts with another linksys in the neighborhood.
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No. My home and work networks have different ssids. My grocery stores, friends houses, etc. All have different ssids. My other wifi only android device works great at network hopping.
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