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Default Sony NWZ-E474 Review

Hello, I just bought my 2nd Walkman, the NWZ-E474. It's a completely new thing to me, because I used to use the old NW-A805 before this. So I'm quite excited to see the new UI and new features!

Features and Specs:

  • Storage - 8GB (6.71GB-ish usable)
  • Sound Enhancements - Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, Dynamic Normalizer, DSEE, Equalizer (5 Band)
  • Display - QVGA (320x240)
  • SenseMe™, Games, Voice Recorder, FM Tuner, Lyrics Display, Karaoke Mode, Alarm, Podcast support.
  • Bundled Headphones - EX Monitor MDR-EX083
  • Playback time - 36 Hours (Rated)
Basically, its like every other new-gen budget-friendly Walkman. One thing needs to be mentioned though as this model is particularly slimmer than the older generation E Series (E460), the battery life is decreased to 36 hours (rated) from 50 hours (rated as well).

Some pictures of the device -

Build Quality:

The device's front part is plastic but the back cover (that goes up the sides as well) is metal, I think it's made of light aluminum (like it was on my old NW-A805). The Walkman does feel good in hand. You may have to be careful about it getting scratched quite easily though. The Volume and Hold Buttons on the right side are very well built and tactile response is superb. The mickey mouse control pad however is a bit too big for my liking, but I'm coming from the NW-A805, which had a small pad. So I should get used to it. Tactile Response of these buttons is pretty good too.

Edit : After a month or so of using the E474 almost daily, I have found the big mickey mouse control pad to be a bit flimsy, it is definitely loose but thankfully the buttons don't get pressed by mistake. Design flaw maybe, Sony should address this issue. Thanks to forum members "dimmer" and "Jeven" for pointing out that the back cover is indeed made of metal and not of plastic completely.

This thing is very slim! At around 7.4mm, the waistline is so thin that it makes my slimmest phone (9.5mm) look fat! Here's a comparison -

Bundled Accessories:

The package is a neat paper box with plastic inserts. You get the device itself, USB Cable, Quick Start Guides, Headphones (MDR-EX083), Replacement Sony Hybrid Tips (S/M/L).

Sound and Playback:

The first thing I did was fire up the device and use Clear Bass, I'm very fond of it and I can remember the bass I used to get with my old NW-A805. The sound in true Walkman fashion is very good. The UI is impressive with smooth transitions between songs. I loaded the Walkman with LAME 320kbps and VBR V0/V2 MP3s and they sound pretty good.

Equalizer works pretty well with the presets. I like to use the Unique Preset while listening with the bundled EX083s. However you can customize your own EQ with adjustable Clear Bass.

It was mentioned in the Help Guide however that other enhancements like Clear Stereo, Dynamic Normalizer and DSEE work in favor of the EX083. I could not hear any audible differences so I turned those enhancements off.

Bundled Headphones (MDR-EX083):

I would like to do a comparison between the bundled MDR-EX083s and their older model MDR-EX082 (which I got with my NW-A805) here. The EX083s are a definite improvement over the EX082s in both sound and other aspects.

EX083s come with Sony's own Hybrid Tips, they do isolate quite well and are comfortable. They are certainly miles ahead from the Generic stock ones I got with EX082s.

The Design is very similar to the old one. I like the matte black paint around the Walkman Logo, as you can see, the chrome on EX082s have chipped. Excuse my funny attempt at fixing the EX082s though, they've been my primary IEMs since 2007 and the wear and tear is very noticeable. The strain relief of the EX082s are better than the EX083s though.

The EX083s are longer than the EX082s (even with the extension cord plugged in). And rejoice! The EX083s don't have the asymmetrical J-cord like the EX082s. The wires on both models are similar but the EX083s are less tangle prone.

The straight 3.5mm termination plug. The strain relief here is very loose, so you should be careful while pulling them out from the player, or it might get ripped off.

EX083s (left) sound better than the EX082s (right). There was a veiled appearance of the mids and highs in the EX082s that has been fixed on the EX083s. As far as bundle headphones go, these new EX083s are quite the performers. The Hybrid tips also help isolate and improve bass. The highs and mids seem much better along with bass. With EQ and Clear Bass, these headphones sound pretty good indeed.


I'm a Sony Walkman fan and I love these a lot. There are several better options available than this but if you have experienced Sony's media players before, you'll like this too. Sure there isn't external memory card option or even FLAC playback, but this does sound pretty good. If you're a casual MP3 listener and need good battery life, this is pretty good for the money. It's a good player but not much can be said other than that. It does with it's supposed to do. I'm using this with my Shure SRH440 with just the headphone out and it drives the 440s pretty well.

And just for the sake of a good laugh :P


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