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Default Samsung Warranty Warning--any device

A general note about Samsung manufacturer's warranty --for any device--from an experience I just had earlier today. Be aware.

My Samsung Galaxy Player 5 is 11 months old and after calling Samsung Customer Support about the (sealed, soldered-in) battery life going down to an unacceptable level, they said that if I sent it to their ONE AND ONLY point of repair in Texas it would receive a new battery. When I gave the customer service rep my full model# of YP G70-CW*** she commented that the "CW" letters made it seem like it was not made-for-USA-market. But that device worldwide was built the same, so no matter.

Today I received the device back with a note that said nothing had been done to it because "Device worked." And then "Technician Advice: Return device to country it was manufactured for to receive repairs."

After 2 hours on the phone with Samsung, they told me that the Texas plant cannot repair anything not made for the US market, but they would try to figure out what country it was made for and get me "the phone number for that repair plant--it seems like maybe it was meant for Mexico. They could give me an address is Mexico to mail it, maybe." I don't speak Spanish....

Pfft! My Square Trade extended warranty kicks in next month, or I'd be screwed. I bought it thru Amazon Market vendor, and no one was showing model numbers past the yp g70 back then. Even if I did have the CW info and called Samsung with it before buying, I doubt they would've known what country it was meant to be sold red flag went up when I registered the device last year at, just when I tried to use the warranty recently.

I love the device itself, but that battery just isn't holding up 11 months in...Square Trade is going to take care of this, but they shouldn't have to--Samsung has found a new way to weasle out of their warranties, knowing full well when people register that they have been slipped a foreign market device.

And this could be any Samsung device that you buy anywhere except Samsung's own website for your country--all sorts of stuff goes through Amazon and Newegg --especially the MarketPlace vendors.
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