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Default Upgrade Zen Vision W 30GB Hard Drive

Hey everyone,

I was hoping for some insight and facts about how to upgrade and what to upgrade with hard drive wise.

I know the 30GB version comes with a 5mm drive and the 60GB version comes with an 8mm drive. Is there any way for the 30GB version to hold an 8mm drive? I'm looking heavily at MK2431GAH from Toshiba as an upgrade. Since its a dual platter drive, its a little thicker (8mm). An idea that came to mind was to not put the metal brace that holds the hard drive in what using the larger hard drive and just secure the hard drive in a different fashion.

I keep hearing rumors that some hard drives don't work and some do. There are things like a maximum song count and some drives don't list their full drive space. I really don't want to waste money on a larger hard drive than I can use, so does anyone know if the MK2431GAH runs into a logical space limit where it doesn't offer the full 230ish GB? I can live if I'm limited to 16,000 songs or whatever, but I want all the space.

Is there a list of hard drives that have been tested with the 30GB version (I have the Zen Vision W 30GB Version) that I know are safe upgrades with no logical size limit hitches?



EDIT: Those limitations might only be for the Zen Vision M, I didn't realize I was reading in the M's forums. My question still stands though, does anyone know if my zen will recognize all 240GB of this hard drive if I upgrade?

EDIT: So I decided to go into uncharted waters and bought the 240GB hard drive. I followed
to install the new drive. I got stuck though, the larger hard drive is not recognized by the Zen. I tried flipping the ZIF cable both ways on the hard drive in case the contacts did not touch the hard drive. Later on tonight, I am going to try and get windows to recognize the hard drive and make sure the hard drive is in a working state. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

EDIT: Alright, now I've got a pretty stable method going on here. I bought an adapter to convert the ZIF connector to sata power and sata data. It's a neat little board that I bought so I can toss my 30GB drive into my computer when everything is said and done. In order for the ZVW to recognize the new drive so that it doesn't say there is a hard drive problem, I have to use my adapter to toss the 240GB drive into my computer and open disk management (I run windows 7 Pro x64). When the disk management window opens it should recognize the drive as needing an MBR or GPT. I choose MBR and then, without formatting the hard drive, shut down the computer and toss it into my ZVW. I can now successfully format it and clean it etc etc in the ZVW.

I have it all apart right now, so the battery is not connected. You need to have the battery connected in order to upgrade the firmware. This is where I was stuck last night due to a dead battery, plugging the ZVW into the wall didn't matter since it needs battery power in case of a power outage. Tonight, hopefully I can get this up and running. To note though, when I formatted the hard drive in the ZVW, it said it only recognized 131ish GB, so it looks like it is pointless to upgrade to more than 120GB.

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