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Question Format SanDisk 64GB uSDXC?

I just received a SanDisk 64GB uSDXC card and am trying to format it for use with my Sansa Fuze. However, Windows Explorer doesn't recognize the card. How do I format it?
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I take it that you mean to format it as FAT32 instead of exFAT?

If so, Windows is set up to know what cards are supposed to be in which formats, and SDXC is defaulted to exFAT, and won't give the option to do otherwise.

Go find a program called guiformat. It will let you choose what size of file allocation to use. I have it on my cards and I can get my 128 GB card to show up on devices that say they should only be able to read 32 GB.
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What are you putting the card in to read it? The one person I know that formatted one using guiformat had to get a dedicated card reader. The card reader on his PC couldn't recognize it and neither would any of our DAPs. With the card reader the card was recognized and formatted easily.
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So since its for the Fuze,I'm assuming its a microSD card? If it is then find the nearest place that sells Android phones and let the phone format it instead to FAT32,then after that it will work fine with the Fuze. This is the same way I formatted both of the cards I have for my DAPs. I formatted both 64GB microSD cards inside the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and used one for that device then the other for the Sansa C240 I have,both work fine for the devices.
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GUIformat will do the trick, I have two of the exact same card and have formatted as FAT32 under windows 64bit easily
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