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Default No Bookmarks Folder

Hello all,

After a few hours of playing around I can't find the bookmarks folder. I am using the I9 in MSC mode and browsing through the folders. I have bookmarked some podcasts and some songs while playing and it shows me the checkmark as being successful.

I upgraded the firmware to 1.16 and it did not help.

The only thing I have done to the player is to make a new folder called "podcasts" in the root directory as it was just quicker to get to. Since that time I have moved the contents into the podcast ready / podcast directory (just in case it didn't like my folder creation). Did this hurt something? I did that with my I7 and it was great. (Actually like the I7 interface and overall design much better.But the I9 sounds like it has better sound.)

Can I create a bookmarks folders to help this problem? Where?

Thanks for your help,
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Welcome to ABi

From what I've been able to discover there's no bookmarks folder because the bookmarks are held as part of the internal database of the player. That's not human readable and is meant only for use on the player as far as I know.

I access the Bookmark list from the screens that aren't the now playing screen. A long hold on the >|| arrow brings up the context menu that shows the bookmarks you've created. That's the only way I know to access your bookmarks. When I'm in the now playing screen the same long press brings up a menu to add bookmarks but not access them.
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Hey Skip252, Thanks for the welcome and thanks so much for the help. I was convinced there was not bookmarks folder that I had seen mentioned... and I was right! LOL

I couldn't find the answer on the forums nor in the manual. I really appreciate your help and hope it helps others but apparently, this Ex-IT guy is the lone nut so far.

Thanks again,

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