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Default Sony Ps4

PS4 announced

The ps4 on a hardware standpoint looks like total crap, these are the assumptions I have for it based on what has been said.

-Gpu and Cpu are on same die, thus limiting the performance as heat , power usage, and cooling come into play cooling off such a dense area. I am guess that given cost of a console that they chose amd and that the the cpu is probably clock as low as 1.5 ghz to stay within decent power usage and cooling system cost. Given that a 4 ghz 8 core modern amd cpu can barely top out a 4 core intel i5 , this may make a very slow cpu but with lots of usable threads. Even though games are getting better at using multiple cores you still have the bottle neck of a slow cpu architecture paired with a low clock rate. Having the gpu on the same area will also make for a slow / lower complexity gpu for cost , cooling, and power reasons. Since it is a home console , I am sure they will limit full power consumption under 150 watts to make for good heat output and limited complexity of the power supply. In the end this spells for fairly low performance. Also 8gb of ram is nice but ho knows how many cpu cores or ram wil be devoted to the other always on functions of the console (like the video recording of games / drm/ background updates).

-They moved to x86 and since cost will limit the type of cpu, backwards compatibility for ps3 will never be able to be done in hardware. Solution ? Stream the game you probably already own from the game service sony bought. I am almost sure you will have to re-buy it and you will need to be online to play it. Another option would be to take said ps3 game, recompile it for use on x86 and put it up for a download , but still no direct play of you ps3 games. Why am I ranting about this ? Some of the best games this generation are on the ps3 as exclusives and I doubt the ps4 will have much of a library for a few years that will be exclusives.

-It is a PC ! Well speaking it is x86 and in theory you could hack the game to work on a standard pc with similar performance or better performance. This could make it become unnecessary to buy the ps4 as hacking communities will attempt to make something work. One good thing it would make devs able to port over to pc with very little effort.

-Unnecessary social crap ! Enough said... It is just looking like a system that will require 24/7 net access to use anything on it including playing 1 player games.

This is all just speculation and I am pretty bitter tonight for whatever reason, but screw it. Back to pc gaming I go.
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