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Default Cowon Z2 vs...?

Hello, my i7 is dying out (the power button is starting to just not work) and so I would like to get a new PMP. I would really enjoy having WIFI/Android, and so I am thinking Z2 is my best option in order to retain the Cowon sound quality.

However, after looking at the threads in the Z2 section, it seems that everyone uses android apps (Neutron/Poweramp) to play music instead of the Cowon's player. Is there any real use to buying a Cowon if you are simply going to use android apps to play music? (This is especially true for the Z2 considering the sad battery life that it has)

So my questions are... If I want WIFI/Android + the good sound quality of a Cowon, can I simply buy an android device and run neutron on it? Will the sound card make a huge difference? Are there any companies that make an android device with a good sound card? For my price range, if it has WIFI/Android, I am willing to spend upwards to $300 (but would much prefer $250).

Thanks for your time!
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