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Default New IEM's or?

My fisher audio dba-02 are in terrible condition.
I had
- er6i(loved triple flange small isolation, missed bass mids quite much)
- phonak audeo one of those first models - fitting issues
- dba-02(serviced once and now IMO needs replacement as i was able to pull out metal tube with filter during cleaning don't want it to drop into my ear + jack plastic that keeps wire at the end of the jack torn apart and now also is lacking in music i listen Ludovico Einaudi Brothers - at the end produces distortion not music from D2 while shure has no problems - flac ripped with EAC from original CD)
From full cans i use ath-ad700(comfort king) for gaming and music on xonar stx@home and srh-840@work.
I use cowon d2 with d2+ firmware on the move.

Now the question is what to buy in place of dba-02?
1 top notch IEM like westone w4r or um3x or other?
2 portable headphones like Beyerdynamic DT 1350 tbh i'm afraid poor isolation might force me to use high gain which i would like to avoid. Also had one akg dj like small portables and didn't find them comfortable nor isolating and i don't like the pressure on my ears with such headphones(shure is quite hard in that matter for me).
3 objective2("portable") + odac some medium tier IEMs that i will swap in 2 years.

I prefer IEMs with filters that i can change often instead of cleaning headphones. Also I have an option to make custom fittings cheap(compared to headphone cost).

So in short
Budget: 100-800$
Location: EU/Poland
Category: IEM(amp/dac option)
Primary location of use: commune in 90% = isolation important
Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Neutral and natural. Flat EQ without bass bumps etc
Media: piano(mostly lately) rock metal alternative pop very wide range of music no techno and such - FLAC only
Source: Cowon D2

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