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Old 02-06-2013, 02:06 PM
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Talking Cowon J3 vs ipod Classic with Rockbox? Advice demanded!

Now that I feel like I've gotten over the initial learning curve of Rockbox (on my Clip+) and have grown fond of using it and making use of some of its practically endless options, I think I could see myself being weaned off of my Cowon J3. So my question is:

Should I sell my J3 and put the funds toward a 240GB 7th gen ipod (available on ebay) and rockbox it via

Has anyone here tried rockboxing an ipod classic? Is it easy to do for a relative computer novice? I once had a rockboxed ipod video (5.5-gen) and its performance with Rockbox was pretty darn slow. Anybody know if the ipod classic models have any better performance, speed-wise? How is the battery life?

I love my J3 and it would be hard for me to sell it, but I think the extra storage capacity would be awesome, plus, while I would be giving up BBE (which I really enjoy), I would be acquiring tons of additional options with Rockbox.

Please don't bother replying with posts like, "Gee, that's your decision, man...Follow your heart!" I am asking so I want your opinion. What would you do in my situation?
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