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Default Help in deciding what IEM to buy (~50 USD)

Sorry for opening another thread, but I wasn't able to decide after some 2 hours search here...
I had an AKP-324P some years ago. I like them more than the Sennheiser CX-3OO ii, that I lost lately. Somehing didn't sound good with the sennheiser (the sound wasn't deep enough).

Budget now is about 50 USD.
I've read about the Mee A151, but i'm afraid from over the ear, and the low- bass that is mentioned in the reviews. Most of my music is rock (mostly classic/70's, less heavy metal).
A mic (and compabillity with Iphone) is a plus.

Thanks in advance
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The only IEMs I have that are bassier than my CX-300 are the Denon AH-C260. TBH, I don't use them much. Nothing wrong with them for sound or build quality, they just are bassier than what I prefer.

When I'm in the mood to get things thumping, like when I'm feeling like some dubstep or drum and bass, they're what I use. With those genres there's no need for me to EQ them much at all to get the bass the way I prefer.

There's a "R" model that has a mic and controls. I'm not sure if they're compatible with your model iPhone.

There's also the Denon AH-C360. musichound has those. His opinion of them vs. the CX-300 is here.
From that it would seem if you're looking for deeper hitting bass they would be another set to look into.
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How about the JVC HA-FX40? It has a great amount of detail. Some say it has too much treble, while others like plenty of treble. For me the extra treble is nice on treble deficient recordings, but can be a bit much on recordings with plenty of treble. It also has plenty of bass, however the bass imo doesn't sound exaggerated. It needs plenty of burn in though. At under $20 it is a great value. It was the first IEM using carbon nanotube technology. it has achieved cult status on head-fi.
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first off, music genre doesnt always dictate sound signature preference. If you are looking for more bass than the cx300 then you are looking at a pretty punchy set. Soundmagic e10 are very versatile with plenty of bass. for a cheaper set the philips she3590 are a great value with tons of bass. I love my a161 and even though the bass is lesser it is still present and pleasant. It is out of your budget but pretty close to the a151 from what I hear. I have heard good things about the JVC mentioned too but no first hadn experience. typically I like anything they make though.
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JVC Riptidz,...low cost & great sq for the price.
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The Riptidz is good for the price, however it is nowhere near the HA-FX40 in sound quality. For extra bass the JVC HA-FX101 is nice.
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jvc ha-fx101, riptidz

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