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Default Comply T-400 foam tips... Wow!

I guess I'll put this in here. The other day I was in Radioshack, and while I didn't find what I wanted, I saw a lonely set of T-400 tips on the rack, and noticed they fit the Pana HJE900, the stock tips of which I sometimes use on my Fischer Audio Eterna. So I decided to grab them, since they were a measly 8 bucks. Since, I've used them three times, once in absolute silence, once while vacuuming, and once while mowing the lawn. Each time, they've gotten more pleasurable than the last! Here's a short summary of what I've noticed so far:

Isolation: Great. On par with the stock double-flange tips that came with the Eterna, better than the small tips that I use from the HJE900. Larger tips don't fit me well, so I can't comment on the relationship to those. Something I also think I'll include here is that the noise of my footsteps is WAY less than with the other silicon tips (I forget what it's called, bone something-with-a-c I think). That alone makes them my new favorites...

Sound: I want to listen a little more before saying a lot about how they sound, but one thing I've noticed is that the bass isn't as loud as with the double-flanges and the highs aren't as loud as the little Pannies. In terms of sound, at the moment, I much prefer the double-flanges.

Comfort: Here's where they really excel. I can hardly feel them, even with my screwed up jaw that's been bothering my left ear with IEMs lately. They also stay in without any trouble at all. It's pretty much what I was expecting. Wore them for 7 hours straight in quiet, didn't have to take them out to give my ears a break or anything at all. Which is blissful.

I'll probably comment more after I've had more experience with them.
- Justin
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