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Default Zen Vision M 60GB can't be recognized by any PC.

Here's my story.
1) All of my old music (60GB worth) is on my Zen Vision M 60GB
2) The Laptop with all of my original MP3 files was stolen.
3) My ZVM 60GB can no longer be recognized by any PC that I try to connect it to (but it can charge fine through the AC plug).

My attempted solution:
1) I got a used ZVM 30GB on Ebay and it is recognized properly on my PCs (so now I know it's a hardware problem)
2) I next tried to put my 60GB HD into the ZVM 30GB board and it recognized the drive, but not the files.
3) I tried 'clean up' in recovery mode, it cleared the music list from the 30GB HD, but didn't add the music from the 60GB HD.
4) Now I have firmware issues on the 30GB hardware and I can't recover it. It goes through the installation but when the bar fills it says the update failed.

For the life of me I just want to get all of my old music off of the 60GB and into itunes so I can get them on my ipod.

Are there any solutions for me?
Is there any way I can fix the hardware issue on the 60GB myself?
Is it even possible to put the 60GB HD in the 30GB HD and hope to recover my files?
Would changing to an older firmware on the 30GB hardware have better luck getting the firmware to install?
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