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Thumbs up COWON D3 Firmware ver. Pro 5.04

Firmware Ver. 6.04

COWON has done something really clever for the old D3.

With there latest update they pretty much got rid of everything that made the Device run extremely slow. A few things you'll notice is...

-the new boot animation upon turning the Device on
-only ONE main screen with a new UI Layout (basically UI similar to the X9 or one of the UCI from the J3/S9 that i know of)

-got rid of all the Android Apps. and even got rid of (well Disabled Wifi), and added JetEffect 5.

Basically all-in-all they realized putting Android on such old hardware and having all those pre-installed apps. just made things so so slow. COWON did a good job here

S9 16GB Chrome

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It sounds nice... I am wondering how many are still the people that listen music from such portable devices...i am one of them... So i am happy that there are companies that still care about us!
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Thanks for the heads up! Not going to lie -- very surprised that this device got an upgrade so late in its life cycle. But I'll definitely give it a try as I was never very happy with the bloated software it always had. I can live without Wifi if the device's battery life improves.
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I know I'm a bit late but thanks for this.
Giving it a try to attempt to revive my still fantastic sounding but sluggish as hell D3.

Never thought they would have issued an update so late in life.
Anytyhing that might improve the appalling battery life is worth a go.
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Anyone know how to change the main GUI to get rid of the Korean characters anfd just leave the English ones?
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Well, tried it but had to revert back to 4.55.
Did not like the home screen which just looked an unreadable mess of korean and English on pastel coloured boxes meaning it was difficult to simplify and see at a glance. You can make some boxes bigger, others smaller but you cannot simply discard the ones you dont want.
More importantly, had three or four crashes where the player whent mad and became dangerously hot while stuck in some beserk loop of spinning screens.
Reverted back to what I know, despite its limitations.
Now to rebuild the library, again.....sigh.
When the 6.05 update was on did not notice any less lag or added functionality and also, lack of wifi meant that I could not manage artwork and tags etc etc via wifi once on the player.
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