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Default [Rockbox] Porting Rockbox to YP-R1!

Hi all guys!
I've just started the port of Rockbox to the YP-R1...
A big thanks to lebellium that brought me a R1 to work on

Basically you should check port status via rockbox channels, i.e.
Wiki -

Environment is very similar to his brother R0, on which I worked a year ago, and thus the port will be quite straightforward.

So far, as per wiki, I have set up basic stuff to start with. LCD, Backlight, hardware buttons and basic support are working. Even audio playback works, but there is still missing the WM1808 codec support so volume is not controllable.
Moreover there is still no touchscreen.

I would kindly ask you, don't ask for betas or such. I don't want to spread nonfunctional/beta ROMs for the moment as I did for R0.
I will release the patch and git patch in ~2 weeks and I will release a beta when the basic ROM is cleaned and rockbox can be usable without problems (i.e. battery monitor + charging must work and also touchscreen is a must to release a beta)

Feel free to ask whatever you want, apart, as I said, betas

Stay tuned!
Check out my modded firmware both for YP-R0 and YP-R1!!!
** DONATE ** ->
NOTE: if you want to donate for Rockbox itself and not my work, go to their website!!

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