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Old 01-25-2013, 05:02 AM
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Default Which DAP to get next? Or should I still stick to the Cowon z2?

So I had sent my COWON z2 32GB player off for repair as it had Wi-Fi problems. But I was completely thrown off when I was given a brand new one the next day, all boxed up unopened.
All I did was just send the z2 player with nothing else. Amazing customer service at 'advancedmp3players'!

So what should I do about this Android based DAP?
I'm thinking of possibly having a change of scene and get something different.
The z2 is still worth a decent bag of money, and new fully boxed it should fetch a good price.
Ever since the Cowon x5 (old but such a beautiful player!) I've not looked at any other brand since as a primary DAP.
So maybe I should ask what the best Cowon player is?
Or maybe you guys have a player in mind that tops the z2 and is also cheaper in price? That would be good to know and consider buying!

ALSO, my phone contract will end in February (HTC Desire HD), so I'm thinking of upgrading that to a Samsung Galaxy S3 or maybe something else?
But I don't know how well the latest phones compare to DAP's such as the z2, seems as you can tweak about with phones so much and put on a tonne of custom firmware.

Recently I ended up with a Sansa Clip+ which I've not regretted one bit thanks to the great advice given here.
The Clip+ I have decided to use all the time when I'm at the gym, so this will be of great use there.
But this won't be my primary DAP, so I'm still after another for use OUT of the gym. An eye candy DAP with a decent screen and GUI for audio and video playback is necessary

Even after all I've said I might end up keeping the z2, but I like to keep my options open (while I've not opened the replacement z2), and as always consider your advice as usual.
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