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Default Headphone specs

Just wondering about the published specs of headphone models. Looking at the outputs of most mainstream mp3 players are about 20hz-20000hz. So is it worth sourcing portable head phones to be used with such players that have freq response of say 12hz-27000hz.
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---This was placed in the wrong subforum. Headphone Reviews is for reviews, not questions. I've moved it to the right spot.---

Any decent set should reproduce frequencies within what the average human can hear. Looking at specs that say a headphone can produce frequencies the music doesn't contain isn't what I would use to make my buying choice.

I've come to consider manufacturers headphone specs as marketing hype, not usable information. Some of them list specs so far above or below the human ability to perceive it's obvious that it there to promotes sales, not inform.
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headphone specs are silly. I don't even look at them.
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I disagree, sensitivity and impedance specs are rather useful.
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I don't care much about specs, I prefer to check for frequency response graphs because this is what matters to me. I've had some headphones that had crappy sound but good specs (Audio Technica ATH-CK5) or good reviews (JVC HA-FX66).
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For headphone specs, I won't bother with the frequency response thingamagig, since most of them are rather misleading. (for instance, a 27,000khz is way beyond what a human ear would perceive as audible. This is more of a marketing ploy than legit info) SPL and impedance may be helpful in determining what type of source would fit to your headphones.
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