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Default You guys having issues with Netflix streaming?

Back in September Netflix revised it's HTML5 coding for a more graphics intensive interface. It stopped functioning on my player. Used to be fantastic...flawless, really. Then, just laggy to the point of not working...and crashing. Other users have black screens, seriously out-of-sync sound, black screens with sound, good video with no sound (a lot of that)- or extreme lag.

Check of reviews on Google Play for Netflix. Thousands of bad reviews dince September. Netflix releases updates but these are doing nothing to solve the issue of their own formatting being way cumbersome and laggy. Even with modern phones like Sam S3. Many people have quit. Netflix telephone customer help does not acknowledge that they have a problem with android. I saw a post online where a very tech-savvy dude figured out how to hack into his device a previous version of Netflix- and got back to good old functionality. I have cancelled my Netflix streaming because it was ridiculous to pay for something that did not work. I don't know if I'm ready to reactivate and try this hack. It jus pees me off htat Netflix is so arrogant to change their formatting, have many users suffer, and offer no fix. It is a PAID service after all. So part of me want sto just write them off for good. but I really miss viewing!

Is anyone using their SGP 4 or 5 to stream Netflix without issues?
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