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Default Family Heirloom?

Long post and I am going to preface it with saying that I am admittedly a bit fascinated with "things gone by". I think progress is awesome, I do work in IT, but sometimes there is a fine line between progress and regress that we often don't see for years after we have crossed it.

Does your family have an heirloom of any kind? Like a watch that your dad gave you or a set of tools, china, wine glasses, whatever. This seems to be a thing that is going away and I wish it wouldn't. Something symbolic about a dad giving his son something of his. Like a passage to adulthood, etc. I have all girls so its harder but I am actually trying to go through my stuff and identify something as well as keeping it in mind for future purchases.

I hear of other guys getting that adult watch or suit when they get their first "real" job. or an overcoat or set of tools. For some of you a gun would work too. anything really. Doesnt even have to be expensive at all.

**fight club moment**
I think the fact that this isnt happening as much kind of illustrates how disposable we have become. We buy and we consume our goods now. Also the family unit isnt how it was IMO.
**end fight club moment**

So how about you guys? anything? even if you havent gotten it yet. Did your grandparents give your parents something? I mean actually give it to them. Getting things after they pass is nice for us as a nostalgic item but that's not what I am talking about. If not I would actually challenge you to start it. think of something that could be frequently used that you own or could buy now and make a solid investment in it. keep it in good shape. repair it, don't replace it. hang on to it. make it important to your kids and give it to them in 20 years. What would it be for you?
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