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Default Export privé experience

I am new to this forum and I just wanted to share this experience I am living right now with Export privé. . Also, I have to mention that I am a French Canadian so please excuse my maybe sometimes non adequat English. I don't know if this experience with export privé will end good or bad but here is the story.

I deceided to get my hand on a Cowon C2 after my sony walkman died and found the low prices of export privé. After checking a few reviews on this forum I gave it a go. I also paid for the EMS express shipping because I had hope to receive this mp3 before leaving (my village) to quebec city for university.

On the 3rd of january I received a mail that it was sent, and thought that the processing was going quite well and smootly. Until I never received my tracking number. . .

So on the 7th I sent them a message advising them that I haven't received my tracking number. I only got the answer on the 8th, but I think that on the 7th there was an holyday in Korea ! So I forgive them ^^

The answer I got : Dear custumer,

There seems to be a mistake during the input of your tracking number. However, we hereby confirm that your parcel was sent the 3th january and your valid tracking number will be given to you as soon as possible.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

After a few hours I got the tracking number to witness the worst, Not only the item doesn't seem to be in my country yet but . . .

0:12 04-Jan-2013 Posting/Collection DONGDAEGU
Posting office zip code : 701700
Destination country : FRANCE
02:46 05-Jan-2013 Arrival at outward office of exchange INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE
14:01 08-Jan-2013 Departure from outward office of exchange INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE
Dispatch number : 6
14:44 08-Jan-2013 Handed over to Air carrier INCHEON

It's going to FRANCE ?! At this point I laughed. . . Really. So Just now I sent them a message again and got a quick answer (a bit more than 10 minutes!) :

2013-01-09 06:25:16 Hello, I wanted to know if it is normal that the destinated country is written as France while I live in Canada.
Thank you

2013-01-09 06:38:06 Dear customer,
You are right, this is not normal, this is the address we have in our files:
*My well written FULL address*
We are going to contact the postal service as soon as possible to solve this problem.
The custumer service

So this is it for now ! Seriously, people are right saying that export privé gives a good client service ! (Well when you mail them during their work hour, which means late in my province) I just want to share this experience, I am not complaining yet as I have a pretty bad luck with mailing and stuff.

I just seriously hope that my Cowon C2 hasn't taken the plane for Paris ! One thing for sure, I have small hopes of getting it by the end of the week, it feels like I paid for this express shipping for nothing but at the same time I think export privé will do their best.

I will post again when I get more news !~
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