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Help Headphones for my first Cowon

Hello I'm new here
I finally bought a Cowon J3 Player. Now I need new Headphones!
My AKG K518 DJ Headphones are broken and I got the money back sooo I REALLY need new ones

It shouldn't be In ears, but I'm not quite sure if it should be over or on ears (I will read some articles and edit this)

I can't offer more than 130 - 190 $ (100 € - 150€ (sure they can be cheaper, that would be fine .

I live in Germany, so not every model exists.

I need the headphones, mostly when I'm on the train/bus or just walking to school.
So they should portable headphones. But no in ears.
But If only fullsize headphones satisfy my needs, fullsize headphones definetlty are ok.

Closed Style Headphones I think, are better when I'm on move.
Circumaural sounds good.

Primary location of use
Like I said, most of the time, I need them when I'm going to school etc. So I need them for portable use.
But I would like to use them sometimes at home.

Preferable SQ or Sound Signature
I have to look up all the words from the sound description faq hmhm

I'll use my headphones for my COWON J3 and maybe my netbook.

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