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Default Suggest a rugged PMP

Last three players I have owned have been Sansa (2x original Fuze, 1x Clip Zip) and while there are factors I have liked about them I have decided they are just not hardy enough to buy yet another one! So please recommend me a nice and rugged music player. Note I only require music playback, no video, no colour screen, no album image etc really required. And if it saves on some battery life I would be happier not to have them...

Desired features (in approx order):
1. Rugged! (This includes having a mini-jack socket that doesn't require poking to make connection good again, which the Fuze suffered from badly.)
2. Ability to play files from folder structure. I do not use id3 or similar tagging! Most the music on my player is mixes or other unsorted music which may be sorted and saved after listening or may be deleted. Being able to Rockbox a device would fulfill this.
3. Able to drive large cans. Usually I use Sennheiser HD25s, which aren't the hardest to drive, but sometimes I might be driving line level or a high impedance pair of cans.
4. Battery life preferably over 12 hours.
5. Sound quality. My music tastes are predominantly electronic, hard and heavy styles such as hardcore, breakcore, DnB, techno etc. Some funk, soul, reggae as well but good bass and presence are probably more important than pure high fidelity and soundscape/separation.

Preferably under 50. I might consider something at a higher cost or I may go with another Sansa, expecting it to only last a few months again, on lack of suitable suggestions.
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