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Default 300GB MP3 Solution?

Hello all,

I'm stuck and would like some assistance or opinions.

So I dropped my ipod in the river a fews years back, and have still not found a replacement. Why? I have a serious requirement that knock most solutions out of the running. I need to be able to load 300GB of music, 80,000 to 100,000 songs.

Now before anyone makes a comments like: "why do you need som many" "No one needs that much." "Did you buy them all" "How can you possibly listen...."

With all due respect, I am not interested in whether you believe I need 300GB or not.

I've tried the Archos, and they can't handle it (mainly due to Android, I beleive, but I can't cannot difinitively say that). 4 different Archos high capaicity hard drive models. Seems that the Android system can only handle so many songs before it just dies.

The new 250GB SDHC cards are interesting, but I have my doubts about hardware that can read 100,000 songs form an SD slot.... That would be the perfect solution.

I have a 350 GB 10 inch windows 8 tablet, but after some playing with it, I determined that I was wrong in believing I could deal with a Giant MP3 player like that. Just not as mobile, and there are envornomental limnitations. Can't really seal it in a waterproof tablet bag, as it has a fan.

Ther that is my summary. I hope this post finds an extremely knowledgable and experienced member who has been through what I am going through, and found the solution.
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