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Thumbs up I just got a J3 finally!

Yeah better late than never I guess.
The last Cowon player I enjoyed was the D2, I owned the S9 briefly but I never liked BBE+, I prefer the original BBE on the D2 and iAudio X5 Cowon Players.
Anyhow since 2009 I've ran though a Zune HD, iPod 3 & 4th gen, and a Samsung P3.
Now I've finally comeback to Cowon. And I must say I totally forgot how frustrating Cowon's navigation system is. Why can't I just access the JetEffects from the Now Playing Screen?

Anyway I will be pairing them up with a pair of HiFiMan RE272, and Sony XBA-3 IEMS. And I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these IEMs with the J3., What JetEffects are you using? As I said I never liked BBE+ because I just could not find a sweet spot with them. I spent more time tweaking then I did just listening. With the Original BBE the sweet spot was far more easier to find. BBE:3 Mach3Bass:5, and that was that! I've noticed too on this J3 that boosting too many Jeteffects settings or any particular setting too high results in a ton of hiss! I don't remember that with the D2 or S9.

Oh and also...when I received my J3 it was running firmware 2.23, and I upgraded to 2.29, but I was wondering if there were any preferred firmwares.
Current Gear: Cowon J3; iPod Touch 4G; Sony XBA-3; HiFiMan RE-272; Sennheiser HD558; Bose AE2
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