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Default Adding a track in a playlist on Cowon iAudio9?

I've got my all playlist set up nicely, but I want to add one track to one of my playlists and i'm not using my own pc as i'm using my mum's pc.

Don't think it's possible to add the track on the player on the fly, but is possible to add a track to a playlist if my music library isn't on the pc?

Basically I don't really want to mess about replicating a playlist just so I can add one track in WMP.

Is there any other way?

I know an Android device you can but don't think you can a Cowon iAudio9.
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Is the playlist saved as .pla or .m3u? If it's .pla open the playlist in Windows Explorer and drag the file you want to add into the list you see in the Properties pane. OK it to close it and that adds new song to the list.

If it's a .m3u open the list in WMP, drag the song you want to add from the storage on the player to the Playlist pane in WMP. Save the completed list to the same location as the original list or create a new .m3u playlist.
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