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Old 12-26-2012, 08:59 PM
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Default I come here not to bury the S545, but to praise it (a eulogy for a fallen Walkman)

After just under three years, my faithful, reliable little Sony NWZ-S545 has decided to give up.

A few days ago, I went to alter a playlist, only to find that it was not proceeding past the boot-up screen. Even plugging it in to the computer doesn't do anything.

I've done everything that I can with it. I've hit the reset button. I've left it plugged in over night. I've drained the battery and recharged it. I've tried to connect it and reinstall the firmware. Nothing works. I can't even get it appear on my desktop as a device. Google has given many pieces of advice, but no solutions. It seemed grim, and today I find it has not gotten any better.

It just sits there, constantly telling me that "Every moment has its music"... Not any more, my friend. Not anymore.

So, I fear the time has come to retire the S545. It's little speakers have seen enough use over the few years to start distorting. It only plays music for 30 hours instead of the original 45 or so. Its easy-to-use buttons are starting to click softer than they used to. It used to happily play away all day in my hardhat, shuffling from one song to the next, all the while echoing and reverberating through the hard plastic lid that kept my head safe from impacts. Now it growls and hisses once you put the volume past 25 out of 30, and likes to restart when something about the song it just started to play. Even the case has seen better days, with its noticeable nicks and scratches.

I've genuinely liked this little player. It was what convinced me to buy another Sony Walkman, that, even with its superior specs and capacity, wasn't as robust and long-lived as its cousin. In fact, I used to be a little bit anti-Sony before that, not just their DAPs but also their TVs and video game consoles. The little plastic device made me reconsider a personal bias. Most people can't even do that, and they can actually make vaguely cohesive arguments for their side.

I cut out a screen protector from a larger sheet to keep that little screen clear of scratches and dents (to which I can see that it still is). I used the best cell phone strap I could find for it, so I never had to worry about dropping it. It's been one of my test units for headphones I've tried out. It's been used in my car for road trips, in my bed for falling playing my relax playlist, it's been most places that I have. Hell, it's even been some places I haven't, simply because it decided to go on adventures of its own (but mostly because I lent it to someone for a while).

I'll miss those nights where you were playing in the office while we wiled away the hours until the end of shift. Or those days during the summer in the tool crib, where you were the only source of music because the power was out. Not to mention all those nights I had trouble sleeping, and you were not only able to play music until I fell asleep, but still had enough battery life to keep going for the rest of the next day.

Good bye, Walkman NWZ-S545. It's been a good ride.
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