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Default samsung security problems....

should i be worried?
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Default any details? At minimum, something like 'their phones broadcast your street address if you're on Verizon'.

182 posts is quite a few, so I doubt you're a spammer, but wow if sure looks like it from your two posts today.

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2kittles, please supply more details on why you're asking. If there's no further information by tomorrow this thread will be closed.
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maybe this?

Looks like it's Exynos(?) chip specific, so it doesn't effect everyone.
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Originally Posted by 2kitties View Post
should i be worried?
IIRC you're in the US? So probably not, I don't think any of the affected models were sold here since the Exynos doesn't work with US LTE networks.
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you should be worried cause i tracked many samsung phones before :S
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